Saturday, December 11, 2010

More Things I Don't Like But Am Supposed To

It doesn't matter that I have years of experience with something. My preferences against something I'm "supposed" to like is akin to eating kittens the way some people react.

1. Cast iron cookware.
2. Stainless steel cookware.
3. Copper cookware.
4. Any cookware that requires more than a swipe of a sponge to clean.
5. Gas stoves.
6. Knife sharpening steel.
7. Big soup spoons.
8. Washcloths for doing dishes
9. Hanging towels on the little bar on the cabinet door under the sink.
10. CFL bulbs.

Bonus list: Things I Liked As A Child But Won't Readily Admit

1. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
2. Vanilla Ice.
3. Babysitters Club books.
4. Sweet Valley High books.
5. MC Hammer
6. New Kids on the Block
7. Seventeen magazine
8. Barbies
9. Jean-Claude Van Damme
10. Dresses

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