Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why do I still have these?

I have several different posts in various stages of completeness, but not enough motivation to finish them yet. So instead, here are pictures of random things from my past that I found while looking for something entirely different (that I never found):

My SmallDog customer card from 1998. Is it still even valid?

A casino card from my only visit to a casino...five (?) years ago.

An equipment lockout tag from an old job long ago.

Prepaid calling card? Wtf? How long has that thing been in my filebox?

A beer label I saved for some reason even though I never drink beer. Why did I do this?

My Northwest airlines customer card. I haven't flown Northwest in over ten years.

B. Dalton membership card. Man, I wish I had a chance to cash in the goods.

I don't even remember where this came from.

Lots of sex went on in that hotel.

St. Louis, arcade fun, killing zombies. Oh yeah, that was a great weekend.

There's far more weird things I found. I really need to throw stuff out.

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